Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greeny Project - By Derrick Green Veggies Production Team

4th Harvest by Derrick, Sheng Long, Eunis and Amy.

 Per stalk of lettuce, weighing 200g.

Packing the freshly Kai Lan into the packaging for our supporter.

 Amy and Eunis proud to present their latest harvest to our customers.

Close up view of the Kai Lan

 Busy with harvesting.
 A supporter order 8 boxes of veggies for their big family, thank you Don.

All veggies that is harvested from our production are orgnically grown in the city.

 Close up view - Chye Sim

 2 boxes full of lettuces distributing to the nearby veggies retailer for sale.

Green and vibrant. Full of life. Support living food.

1 box og veggies weighing 400g.

Concentrating on my harvesting with Amy.
Along the corridor.

Job well done by Derrick-Green Veggies Department.

Will be posting the 5th Harvest soon. All order noted and keep in touch!!! Cheer!


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