Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Good Progress - Artificial Lighting (Indoor Modular Soil Farming)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Fish Emulsion created by Generation Green

The power of Generation Green (in house) Fish Emulsion.

Only less than half a Month (16 days) with foliage proportionally grow using artificially lighting.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Re-route email

Dear readers and followers,

Due to F&B commitment, I am temporary keeping my agriculture and permaculture activities low and awaiting the right opportunity to continue my dream as an integrated Farm to Table concept.

Meantime, should you have any query, please write email to wangwang81sg@yahoo.com.

I will get back to you shortly.

Generation Green 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

POSB Neighborhood Online Media

Hi all we are featured in the POSB Neighborhood 1st Online Media

Here is the link to the site.


Thank you for supporting Generation Green.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quarterly Update June to Aug 2014 part 4

Generation Green do not own a land not have any capability to tender. However, if you believe in your dream, no mountain too high to over. Law of attraction has provided me the strength to influence other to join me. at the beginning, it is very hard, however, if I cannot convince I battle myself. Time fly, after years of hard knock, finally see light at the end of tunnel. Generation is teaming up with a recycling company to expand our production operation. We are in business collaboration together to create a new destiny. A new chapter is born. I will update our progress.

Pic 1: Using excavators to pile in the structure without using concrete.

Pic 2: accessing the ground condition

Pic 3: water ponding

Pic 4: Inserting the wooden structure into the earth to building perimeter netting.

Generation Green

Quarterly Update June to Aug 2014 part 3

Doing away with tradition farming, I designed aqua-modular raise bed farming. This form of farming is in structural modular system and each structure with 12 modular boxes. The soil are special design by me to cater to the next level of farming. I shall termed it as ergonomic farming. Traditional farming is very labor intensive and the harvest is not certain. On top of it, traditional farming rely largely on machinery to plough the soil and thus required diesel. Aqua-modular farming is designed base on years of experience playing with the soil and constantly combating with many cost to ensure sustainability in agro-business. The whole system is able to equip with modern technology to control the growing stage and hai,,, due to financial limitation, I am upgrading the system monthly to upgrade my efficiency. This system is a mobile concept and it can set up at any where without compromising the destruction of my precious environment. It is mobile and not fixed!!

Generation Green Growing Policy: We grow food naturally. We will never use pesticide nor chemical to grow our food. However and very recently, was reading an articles, it was mentioned that it is very impossible to grow food without usage of chemical and pesticide. Dear author and whoever the operators, I proved you wrong again. Generation Green is able to grow food naturally.

Pic 1: 11 modules with 12 boxes (total 176 boxes with 1056 stalks of veg per row.) The width is 5 fts with length spanning to along the green house 55 fts. Total coverage of 275 sq fts with an estimated up to 7kg per rows. The crop loss due to pest is only 10 per cent with 1 person managed. I can completed the soil loosening and replanting the seedling with 2 hours without any machinery. It is environmentally friendly. No usage of pesticide during the course of growing.

Pic 2: closer view

Pic 3: after a week

Pic 4: Foliage Spray with Generation in house fish emulsion fertilizer, ready to harvest by next week. total growing period, 25 days.

 Pic 5: With confidence and assurance the ROI, building the 2nd rows within the green house.

Pic 6: Closer view with 2 rows of modular structures. The structures are erected within a day. No machinery involve again.
Generation Green

Quarterly Update June to Aug 2014 - Part 2

Generation Green undertake a project to transform a rooftop garden @ WOHA Architect Building (29 Hong Kong Street into a edible rooftop. It take us few months to achieve the result and many many hours to design, build and transform from paper to reality. I wanna to thank WOHA for giving Generation Green an opportunity to work with you. It was a very exciting journey and a very good experiences for many of us.
I salute you for WOHA in house staff to sustain the edible roof top while Generation Green play the role as an consultant cum active service provider to ensure we all achieve our common goal.

Pic 1 - Seven layers of planters box fixed on the wall

Pic 2 - Jus transplanted

Pic 3: After fertilizing with Generation Green fish emulsion, ready to harvest the next week.

Pic 4: Ceylon Spinach is creeping along the side wall, awaiting for them to cover the wall with edible Ceylon green.

Pic 5: Crown White aka Pek Chye is planted in a 5 by 5 inch planter box with only a conical depth of 5inch soil. Beautiful, awesome!

Pic 6: Okra

Pic 7: Growing and growing strong after transplant (week ago)

Pic 8: 7 layers of planters box in 1 vertical wall with many 5 panel plus newly install irrigation system


Generation Green