Monday, April 23, 2012

Building a 30 fts by 40 fts green house

Generation Green  is undertaking another big challenge.

I am building another green house for my production bay to increase productivity.

The construction of the green house is using my civil & structural academic knowledge and apply on my farm.

Here is the progress....

1. Design the structure.

2. Looking for resouces

3. Coordinating logistic support

4. Site planning

5. Create working space.

6. Plan the progress

7. Allocation of task to volunteers.

8. Listen to the advise from the more experience volunteers.

9. Assign & Delegate the job

10. Meet the target and not compromising safety.

11. Enjoy my times with the volunteers.

Valuables ground up experiences.

Will upload the pics of my progress together with all other volunteers with all walk of life from the community (interest group) at Tampines. 

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