Friday, September 14, 2012

Looking Back - Past Months Memory with Residents

Those days...

Residents taking photo with grower.

Veggies grow from the community garden supporting the lady club at RC level.

Ah Xiong busy transplanting the lettuce. 
 1st time harvesting his bitter gourd.
 Resident giving me old newspaper to recycle.
 Auntie Lai busy trimming the seedlings.
 Old kumpung days.....
 Just brought a packet of veggies from the farm.
 The bigger bitter gourd, weight about 800g.
 The parent is so happy her daughter put theory into practice.
 Busy cooking our produce.
 Planting their 1st tomato.
 The moment has come.
 Auntie Rebecca sharing her knowledge from Malaysia.

He come back again for his second bitter gourd. He loves it. 
 Water is precious.
 Let play hard --- Hurray!!
 His 1st time in Singapore.
His taking his photo before harvesting his veggies.

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