Monday, February 4, 2013

Product and Services

We are proud to provide our Products and Services to our customers

We manage the farm, produce our own fertiliser and grow our pesticide & chemically free veggies for our customers.



Pack our vegetables & deliver our product to our own selected retailers.
Pek Chye


Proud to present my concept product label design. A design which took me a year to conceptualise with the help of LemonGraphic 

Product Label (Trademark)

F & B Services

We cook delicious healthy hearty fish soup with our fresh produce for our customers.

Trainer - my dad


Looking Back (Memories)

Active volunteers

Row of Kai Lan along corridors

One of my moral support best friends (we have 3 groups)
1. Amy & Sheng Long.
2. Sherry & Chao Qun
3. Eunis & Derrick

My mentors - Sifu 
My Family - Eunis & Ryan
Our Friends & Partners
Thank you.
I will not come this far without all of the above support.
We will continue to improve and grow our team.
By: Derrick

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