Monday, May 6, 2013

Organic Soil vs Inorganic Soil

What is "Inorganic" Soil?

Inorganic soil is usually designed to encourage rapid, healthy plant growth while discouraging insects, fungi, and weeds.

This commercial soil contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It is usually designed to encourage rapid, healthy plant growth while discouraging insects, fungi, and weeds.

What is Organic Soil?

Organic soil, by contrast, does not contain chemical ingredients, providing a rich substrate for plants to grow and using natural means in an attempt to control pests.

The soil is amended with compost from organic sources, and manure from organically-fed animals.

Good soil is extremely dark, moist, and fragrant.

What is living soil?

It is many millions of small organisms live in the soil. Some of the organisms are big enough to see, such as earthworms and small insects but most of the living things in the soil are small that you can only see them if you use a microscope. These microscopic organisms include nematodes (tiny worms), bacteria, and fungi. Even some soil insects are so small that you can only see them with a microscope.

GENERATION GREEN is a sustainable veggies producer whom not only using natural organic matter to produce our leafy crops. We also produce our own in-house "Generation Green Liquid Fish Emulsion" which recycle from our F&B business.
GENERATION GREEN has never bought any top soil from the commercial soil suppliers and any inorganic soil suppliers. We, as a operator on the ground, strongly believe in cultivating our own "living soil" to produce the BEST soil grown locally produce "SOIL GROWN" veggies for all the consumers who buy GENERATION GREEN veggies.
GENERATION GREEN will not apply any chemical fertilizer nor any pesticide to produce our crops. The reason is, the label of GENERATION GREEN is a quality veggies which we want to upkeep and the produce will never contain HARMFUL chemical and pesticide to aid in the production of the veggies.
We will rather SHARE our crops with the insects then "GIVE IN" to the application of the pesticide to minimize our loss.
Our soil is "LIVING SOIL".
The veggies are all grown in soil with NATURAL growing process and with "NO" Chemical & Pesticide.
Generation Green


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