Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Why Select Natural Food?
Select Less Food Additive 

It perform many functions, from giving flavour and colour, to preventing food from spoiling. However, some may produce side effects, such as allergic reactions. Food may also contain potentially HARMFUL substances such as growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, which can be contribute to toxic overload in the body.
Natural/ Organic Food
If choose organic food, which is grown without chemicals, you will reduce the THREAT to your health

Getting the most VITAMINS & MINERALS from your food
- Do not cut or wash FRUITS and VEGETABLES until you are ready to eat them
- Eat the skin of the VEGETABLES
- Eat food RAW whenenver is possible
- Eat foods as fresh as possible, and keep them cool and in the dark if you are not going to eat them immediately
- If cooking, use as little water as possible and keep the water for stock
- Do not overcook food
- Cooking in copper pans can destroy folic acid and vitamin C and E.

Why select vegetables grow in soil medium?
"Gaia Hypothesis" - All green plant are able to grow and reproduce using only the energy contained in the sunlight, together with water and a few essential minerals they obtain from solid substrate (mostly soil).

Why soil growth VEGETALBES taste tastier? 
The uptake of the soluble minerals from the soil for the plant to grow and the green plant gaseous waste product (oxygen) into the atmosphers, stores sugars and proteins in their tissue make the VEGETALBES taste sweeter. This natural growing process of the PESTICEDE FREE VEGETABLES are of superb QUALITY as the transfer of mineral from green plant to human body is a natural cycle. Unlike other growing method.

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