Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Harvest

Months of hard work and valuable farming experiences at Neo Tiew

Chye Sim in Generation Green Packaging

 Ready to distribute

Xiao Bai Chye on the field
Close up view - Xiao Bai Chye

Top View - Xiao Bai Chye
Many more..... Wow!

Kai Lan

Harvesting 1 basket of kai lan

Close up view
On the field
 2nd basket

 Basket of green/red spinach

Rows of Pek Chye

 Row of Chinese Cabbage

Row of Xiao Bai Chye
Wholesale cum Retailer Service:
All vegetables are supplied to That Health Shop at Katong Roxy Square 2.
Any enquiry please contact my business partner, Eunis or Linda, if you are interested to carry Generation Green products.
Generation Green

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