Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quarterly Update June to Aug 2014 part 4

Generation Green do not own a land not have any capability to tender. However, if you believe in your dream, no mountain too high to over. Law of attraction has provided me the strength to influence other to join me. at the beginning, it is very hard, however, if I cannot convince I battle myself. Time fly, after years of hard knock, finally see light at the end of tunnel. Generation is teaming up with a recycling company to expand our production operation. We are in business collaboration together to create a new destiny. A new chapter is born. I will update our progress.

Pic 1: Using excavators to pile in the structure without using concrete.

Pic 2: accessing the ground condition

Pic 3: water ponding

Pic 4: Inserting the wooden structure into the earth to building perimeter netting.

Generation Green

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