Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quarterly Update June to Aug 2014 - Part 2

Generation Green undertake a project to transform a rooftop garden @ WOHA Architect Building (29 Hong Kong Street into a edible rooftop. It take us few months to achieve the result and many many hours to design, build and transform from paper to reality. I wanna to thank WOHA for giving Generation Green an opportunity to work with you. It was a very exciting journey and a very good experiences for many of us.
I salute you for WOHA in house staff to sustain the edible roof top while Generation Green play the role as an consultant cum active service provider to ensure we all achieve our common goal.

Pic 1 - Seven layers of planters box fixed on the wall

Pic 2 - Jus transplanted

Pic 3: After fertilizing with Generation Green fish emulsion, ready to harvest the next week.

Pic 4: Ceylon Spinach is creeping along the side wall, awaiting for them to cover the wall with edible Ceylon green.

Pic 5: Crown White aka Pek Chye is planted in a 5 by 5 inch planter box with only a conical depth of 5inch soil. Beautiful, awesome!

Pic 6: Okra

Pic 7: Growing and growing strong after transplant (week ago)

Pic 8: 7 layers of planters box in 1 vertical wall with many 5 panel plus newly install irrigation system


Generation Green



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