Thursday, July 21, 2011

King of Fertilzer - Worms Casting

What is Worm Casting? - Worm Castings contain a highly active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes, remnants of plant matter and earthworm cocoons (while damp). The castings are rich in water-soluble plant nutrients, and contain more than 50% more humus than what is normally found in topsoil.

Complete Fertilizer (King of Organic Fertilizer) - Worm Castings are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, eg: nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon and nitrogen. The best of all, the minerals are immediately available to the plant without the risk of ever burning the plant.

Nutrient Release - As the organic matter moves through the alimentary canal of the earthworm, a thin layer of oil is deposited on the castings. This layer erodes over a period of 2 months. So although the plant nutrients are immediately available, they are slowly released to last longer.

Reproduction - The cocoons in Worm Castings each contain between 2 and 10 eggs that hatch within 2 weeks. This means that the process of decomposition are continued by the young earthworms in the soil, provided that the soil is loose, damp and rich enough in organic matter for the worms to stay alive.

PH Balance & Odourless – The bacteria in the alimentary canal of the earthworm transforms organic waste to natural fertilizer. The chemical changes that the organic wastes undergo include deodorizing and neutralizing. This means that the pH of the castings is 7 (neutral) and the castings are odorless (they smell like a forest after rain). The worm castings also contain the bacteria, so the process is continued in the soil, and microbiological activity is promoted.

Application of Organic Casting on "Hong Kong Chye Sim" along HDB corridor 

Day 14 - Worms Casting add directly onto the soil WITHOUT fear of root burn or over fertilize.
No smell as compare to the application of sterilise chicken manure, therefore "NO" complaint from my neighbour.

Day 21, will update sooner with picture coming 09th Aug 2011. Do not switch blog. See you later.

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