Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sustainable Farming Project (Service Provider - Community)

Farming Along HDB Corridor

- Incorporated with safety measure constructing the flexible racking.
- Do not promote the breeding of mosquito, soil base.
- No obstruction to the evacuation route in time of emergency, neatly organise.
- Harvesting fresh leafy vegetables at your doorstep.
- Pesticide free with no contaminant of pesticide or chemical fertiliser, odourless.
- Hassle free and it only requires 30min of your time to water the vegetables every morning.
- Promote green along the corridor with space maximisation.
- Stress free and green satisfaction.
- Contributing carbon-free to the environment.
- Work toward self-sustainability.
- Green urbanisation along the corridor with greenery effect for your family, neighbour, friends and community.
- Lightweight < 5kg
- No tillage of soil - organic soil.
- Ergonomic concept.

Project 1 - At Tampines
Project 2 - At Jelapang Road (Bukit Panjang) 

Pic Left - Day 7, gemination with 4 pieces of tiny leafs.
Pic Right - 4 boxes per racking system.         

Day 14 - Growing along the corridor with the plant growing
stronger everyday with approximately 6 hours of sunlight.

Day 21 - More pictures of the pesticide free veggies growing along the corridor of Singapore HDB Flat (Sustainable Urban Farming Landscape).

Kampung Urban Spirit created by 3rd generation of Singaporeans!!!!!

Many doubt from many people. But we did it.

Created by Generation Green , will update the progress with pictures again at Day 28. 

See you soon.

Update after 28 days....

Pesticide Free Organic Vegetables is produce along the corridor of HDB flat. The box can be replanted for up to 6 times before engaging Generation Green to re-nutrient the soil. 

Another successful project by Generation Green.

Thank you.  

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