Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Generation Green Special Service - Engage our professional farmer to home

Urban Farming in Lipo Ave - Space Maximisation.

Converting Space & Grow Pesticide Free Veggies at Home Comfort!

In discussion with owner - what to grow?

Top row - Lettuce, Center Row - Pok Chye , Bottom Row - Hong Kong Chye Sim

Top View - 56 modulars boxes condition with nutrients (worms casting) to grows vegetables.

Awaiting harvesting, look out for more update.

Advantages:- Incorporated with safety measure constructing the flexible racking.
- Do not promote the breeding of mosquito, soil base.
- Harvesting fresh leafy vegetables at your doorstep.
- Pesticide free with no contaminant of pesticide or chemical fertiliser, odourless.
- Hassle free and it only requires 30min of your time to water the vegetables every morning.
- Promote green along the corridor with space maximisation.
- Stress free and green satisfaction.
- Contributing carbon-free to the environment.
- Work toward self-sustainability.
- Green urbanisation with greenery effect for your family, neighbour, friends and community.
- Lightweight < 5kg
- No tillage of soil - organic soil.
- Ergonomic concept.

A project by Generation Green.

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