Sunday, October 30, 2011

Generation Green - From Styrofoam Box to Modular Green Box

In the Past - 1 years ago.......

Till today - 1 year later..... (Corridor Sustainable Landscape Farming in SINGAPORE HDB flat)

Recap: Some other Projects manage and handle by Generation Green

Patio - Roof top gardening at Clementi Condo

At Bukit Punjang - Along the corridor, neatly planted and organised.

Chinese Cabbage awaiting harvesting from Generation Green creation - Modular Farming System

Landed Property at Lipo Ave after 2 weeks into the projects.
 Pesticide Free Organic Kang Kong ready to be harvested by the owner in 1 week time.

And GENERATION GREEN is still EXPANDING..... with many custom made modernise vertical farming concept.

A solution in 21st century - Urbanisation Sustainable Farming Landscape in SINGAPORE and other CITY around the world...

Stay tune for more upcoming update.

Generation Green


  1. this is damn awesome! i wish theres more of sustainable living in singapore! i'm so happy to find your blog! thanks! :)

    1. Yes right brother very impressive sustainable living. these styrofoam boxes looking very good.