Friday, January 13, 2012

Eco-dynamic Community Farm at Tampines Ville Update

Before Generation Green take over

A make-shift experiment to understand the condition of the weather before erecting a nursery in the farm.

Overall Planning Stages Pic

Soil test conducted on Dec'2011 

Soil Composition
1) Super low in organic matter.
2) Sandy Clayey condition
3) Beneficial bacterial low
4) Low in Nitrogen, High in Phosphorus and Potassium.
5) Trace element is limited.
6) pH neutral

1) Create a composting bay.
2) Introduction of beneficial bacterial from worm tea from fresh worm cast.
3) Construct a nursery green house to nurse the plant and seedlings.

4) Reuse the nutrients by collecting horticulture waste/ kitchen waste into reuseable nutrients for the farm.

Weeks later

Harvesting soon.
5) Recondition the soil with Taylor Stanley organic product (988). This product has greatly compliment my organic fertilizer excellently. It has greatly save my time from creating an organic fertilizer booster. The result was tremendous excellent.

6) Application of Generation Green Organic Fertilizer.
(Soil test to test Generation Green Organic Fertilizer - Nitrogen/ Phosphorus/ Potassium were detected (Ideal Condition) for planting.)

7) Application of Generation Green Worm Tea and Worm Cast to ameliorate the soil.

Pictures of the farm progress
1) Nursery (Green House)


After - nursery in operation

Convention Farming at the farm.

Tampines Ville Community Support

 This auntie is so happy with the fresh harvest from the farm.

Auntie came and share with me that she was recommended by her friend to come and look for me to buy fresh pesticide veggies.

Records at Tampines Ville Farms

Calibrate th weighing machine to 0.

Per stalk weight - 150g

Overall pics - taken from far.
Generation Green pesticide free (Organic) HK Chye Sim.

Keep u guy posted again with pics.. 

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