Monday, May 28, 2012


Typical Community Garden - Community in Bloom Project

Nov' 11
Take over and manage the land - Collaboration project with Tampines Ville RC. 
The above pictures took me 1 month to clear away all vegetations, weeds, trees within the permitted boundary.

Dec' 11   
Plan and execute the plant bed - the soil is very sandy with little or organic matters.

Jan' 12  

Kang Kong awaiting to be harvested
Work closely with the volunteers, mentors to produce our 1st batch of veggies

 Expanding our operation to more variety.

Feb'12 - April'12
Selling the Pesticide Free Veggies to Generation Green Interest Group.

The interest group keep growing and growing. Now we have an estimated 120 residents supported Generation Green Urban Farming Project.

April'12 - Space Limitation

Generation Green management team decided to upgrade the exisiting farm.
Objective - To increase the productivity by another 30%.

GM Engineering was consulted.

Upgrading in progress....buying the material.

Getting and coordinating skill workers to construct the green house structure.

The structure is up.

Green house erected after 3 weeks of hard works with GM engineering.

9th May'12 - Production begin (Preparation of plant bedding)

Awaiting to be planted.

11th of May - Transplanting the seedling from the seedling bay to the production bay.

18th of May - Fertilizing and watering (Week 1 after transplanting)

25th of May -  Fertilizing and watering (Week 2 after transplanting)

What will happen to the veggies if the veggies will to left to grow for another week?

Pek Chye

Chinese Cabbage

Harvesting  - 3rd of June.

Thank you for all the support!!!

Special Thank:

Goverment (PAP)
1) Tampines Ville Adviser - Mr Heng
2) Tampines Ville RC Chairman and all committee member.
3) People Association
4) Tampines Town Council
5) N-park
6) NEA
7) HPB
8) North East CDC

9) Taylor Stanley (Singapore) Pte Ltd
10) GM Engineering
11) Wang Yuen Fish Soup

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