Thursday, June 7, 2012


Being an Organic Farmer, it is very very SAD to see my plants subjected to plant stress or sickness.

To prevent the organic edible veggies from subjected to stress environment, we as organic farmer has to ensure and make sure the soil, the homemake organic fertilisers and all organic ingredient are feed to the plant as soluble fertiliser for the plants to consume.

It take many times, many people efforts as well as many people contribution to ensure our food GROW and safe to eat.

Sadly to say, there is an incident happened on the 6th of June.

An act on SABOTAGE has affected my community farm.

I have no proof nor any surveillance cameras to protect the perimeter. Henceforth I have no clues how many people is behind this act.

To better understand what has happened on the ground, I have attached a few photos BEFORE & AFTER incident to better explain my agony.

Good Beautiful Kai Lan Harvested

Look at the plant, a healthy Kai Lan foliage is blue/green leathery surface texture with the surface of the foliage no visible damage.

Transpiration process. The plant is producing water at the tip of the foliage but not on the surface of the leave. Also, especially for Kai Lan, the leathery surface will not hold back the water on the foliage. If water is spray onto the plant, it will drip inward to the stem.

At 8.45am. I have discovered "Super Concentated Salt Solution" on my Kai Lan 2 row of beds, it show signed of discomfort due to the salt attacking the living cell. It start to react by showing signed of yellow spot. Awaiting the droplet of salt to be crystalise.

At about 3.30pm, I came back again. The salt solution have crystalise. The white spot on the stem is salt. Ceylon is planted along the perimeter fencinact as a physical barrier.

 On 7th June, the foliage begin to show signed of stress - the leave has many white spots.

Close up shot taken.

Preventive measure, an inspection was done on 7th June, all affected leave was pluck off from the stem to ensure the plant continue to grow healthy. I was blessed. Why, because of my hardwork to ensure the soil is organic couple with Taylor Stanley product, the plants immune system is strong. The damage is not extensive. The plants is able tpo repair itself and stay green.

Additional measure, I have lay a transparent sheet at the side of the production bay to deter the aggressor from repeating the same act again.

Please help me to spread the message across, GENERATION GREEN will not hesitate to take legal action to whoever has the intention or mischief to SABOTAGE our production.

Note, a police report has been lodged.

I have also install hidden surveilance camera in the farm.

Please think before you act.

The crop produceD by GENERATION GREEN is meant for the community.

We, GENERATION GREEN advocate the important of 3FS -

By Derrick

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