Sunday, June 10, 2012


In this week's 8 DAYS (10-14 June 2012)

Thank you everybody for making GENERATION GREEN a success..

Without the Interest Group continuous support, I am not able to walk this far and lead a team of like minded people to create and produce QUALITY veggies..

My SUCCESS is the recognition from YOU. You have given me the power of "WILL & ENERGY" to produce our food, the mother nature to nurture our plant.

It is the beginning.

I believe, my team and the investors can do more to help more people. We will remember your little contribution. Your contribution help shape GENERATION GREEN to sustain and create more opportunity for the less fortunate. Your unconditional support will always be recorded in our data base and we "VALUE" you. Your decision (buying our veggies for your family) give us the opportunity to move closer to achieve our goal as a Social Enterprise.
3 cheers for everybody!
3 cheers to EUNIS (my wife).

In this week's 8 DAYS (10-14 June 2012) In this week's 8 DAYS (page 2), Robbie is in too. : )
The above 2 pics is an interview conducted last week by Stella Thng.


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  1. And I "found" you via 8 Days. Thank you 8 Days for doing up this article. Good job Derrick, keep it up. : )