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Food for Dengue Fever (Personal Experience)

Will not explain detail what is dengue but will zoom in into detail how my family, friends, doctors & nurses (Changi General Hospital), Generation Green Veg (chemical and pesticide free leafy veg) and myself banded together to provide me the highest medical care to ensure my platelet remain stable.

Back ground

1. Dengue fever (UK /ˈdɛŋɡ/ or US /ˈdɛŋɡ/), also known as breakbone fever, is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.

2. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles.

3 Risk - In a small proportion of cases the disease develops into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, or into dengue shock syndrome, where dangerously low blood pressure occurs.

How it started (Recall)

4. Bitten (suspected but unknown location) - Weeks ago.

5. Virus Activated - Week later (Fever)

Incremental stage
6. 26th - 27th Oct (1 & 2days) - Feeling feverish (temperature not recorded). Occasionally feeling cold and limbs are week. Thought normal fever. Ignore!

7. 27th Oct - After work, taken pancofen (muscle relaxant, fever panadol)

8. 28th to 29th Oct (3rd and 4th days) - Couldn't stand the symptoms, visit GP in the evening. Medical attention received - A jab into my body to bring down fever. (Do not suspect it is dengue). Rest at home plus received Ba Guan treatment.

9. 30th October  (5th days) - requested my wife to bring me to hospital. The pain is excruciating. All the symptoms is killing me. Received medical attention, 3 bags of saline to keep body hydrate, X -ray, Blood test. Doctors confirmed is dengue fever. Platelet drop but not alarming. Doctor allow me to go home and rest.

10. 31th October (6th days) - Seek immediate medical attention, vomit traces of blood. couldn't breadth properly. Nausea and nearly collapse. Upon A&E, doctors confirmed my platelet drop drastically and needed to be warded. Needed 24 hours medical attention.

11. 1st to 3 Nov (9th days) - Blood test confirmed platelet count drop to 35, then to 28 then to the final low 12. Doctors is worry caused there is no medication to treat dengue BUT only body immunity. Doctors instruction, CRIB (complete rest in bed), 24 hours saline, daily blood test, medication to protect vital organ, vitamin C pill, fever medication, prevent vomiting medication. Drink more water. Hourly temperature, blood pressure test & lastly BLOOD TRANFUSION

Soul-Mind-Body - (Keep Me Alive)
Soul - Believe in yourself

Mind - Keep the mind Strong, I am worry. I thought to myself, my family is still young and I have so many chapter in life have yet accomplish. I must stay alive.

Body - Use Fresh Food

How I do it - FOOD!!!!!!
During this period of transition, it is either you win or virus win. Most often the body is too weak to eat. MY advise: EAT. And EAT! And EAT MORE!

Soup No 1.
12. Small Bitter Gourd double boil with Frog
(5/6pcs Small Bitter Gourd double boil with 2 Frogs, recommended buy from Jurong Frog Farm Local. Why? Fresh and the process of growing is natural. no hormones are artificially induce grow. Noted: do not add other stuff like red dates or wolf berry. Cause heaty.)

Soup no 2
13. Zhen Zhu Cai with Pig Liver (a remedy to increase blood count. It is recommended by Sherry's Father. Very Effective! )

Fresh Green Vegetables
14. Generation Green Veg (No chemical No Pesticide) - Lightly stir fried Kai Lan and Spinach.

Fresh Fruits
15. Eat orange, lemon/ green apple juice, papaya, water melon, blueberry, honey dew, banana,

16. Drink Fresh Milk, Milo, plain water (no coffee/tea)

Hospital Meal
17. Eat

How to eat? Eat small meal interval. Jus eat, urinate and shit.

Note: Do not feel that it is troublesome to goes toilet, during this phrase, the body need vital mineral and vitamin to continue to fight the virus. If the body lack of nutrient, it will be weaken and the dengue virus will win. Why eat? this is to keep the body at optimal body condition to absorb whatever nutrients available to keep the virus at bay.

How do you know when you body is fighting?
18. Obvious body sign. Frequent urinating and poo poo. At the beginning, the poo poo is very liquid and not much smell. Subsequently, you smell of poo get very stern and greenish. Then, it start to become very unsightly but it alright. A sign of detox. The body is expelling the dengue virus out of the body. When the body get better, so were the poos, it start to turn greenish to yellow then to brown. From liquid, to semi liquid and to solid. At this juncture, you beginning to feel your body get stronger. Remember, continue to eat.

Miracles Happen
19. On 4th November, blood test taken, the platelet count jump from 12 to 28 and then to 54. It is a double digit jump.

20. Base on natural food, food that is not contaminated with hormones, chemicals or pesticides will give less stress to the body. Henceforth, when my body is down, I focus using NATURAL FOOD to combat the invader and focus the food energy into strength to assist in my recovery.

21. 4th November @ 2pm. But was given the blessing by the doctor requesting me to continue to rest at home. No work till the nxt appointment blood test.

I will talk more on bitter gourd, kai lan, Spinach and fruits for my next few posting.

If the patient is children, blend the food into liquid and feed them.

Enjoy abundant of wealth with good health.

Generation Green

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