Thursday, November 28, 2013

Generation Green Vegetables has Antioxidants Property - Neutralize Free Radical

First of all what are Antioxidants and what do they do for us?  In basic terms, Antioxidants are taken into our bodies by the kinds of food we eat.  Antioxidants slow down or even prevents the oxidation of molecules in our cellular structure.  Molecules, when they become oxidized, can create free-radicals, or cellar bi-products, and can cause problems in our cellular structure. 
Free radicals cause a destructive process in the cells, causing the molecules within our cells to become unstable.  They can even cause cancer cells to form.  They try to attack other healthy cells, and in turn, the healthy cells react in the same way as the free-radical cells.  The free-radical are bullies that push everyone else around.  The "nice" cells soon become just like the bullies.  This plays a big roll in our diseases we have today, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health issues.  We can produce this by the foods we eat and the medicine we take, sun exposure and smoking.  Antioxidants help to prevent free radicals. 
The secret to getting more antioxidants into our body is simply eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  You need at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  Blueberry's are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and other nutrients.  Watermelon, pomegranate juice, and apple juice all have antioxidants in them. 
Nutritional researchers have discovered a secret to a long healthy life-antioxidants.  They hold the secret to staying young.  Antioxidants boost our immune system and the cellar metabolism.  These are needed for the immune system to work properly.  When there is balance maintained between the antioxidants and the free radicals your health is much better.  One more important Antioxidants can due is to reduce the risk for cataracts.  Antioxidants work in every cell in our body.  They have benefits that can have an impact on just about every part of our health problems.  So, to sum it up, eat five servings of Fruits and Vegetables a day.
Practical Test Conducted on Generation Green Veg - To test the antioxidant property
1. Harvest Chye Sim along my corridor - Natural growing process with no chemicals and pesticides.

2. Cutting the roots.

3. Chye Sim Harvest @ 10pm

4. Wash the vegetable with tap water with no soaking of vinegar to neutralize toxic.

5. Juice the veggies.

6. Minimal fibre - Harvest at vegetable at the peak.

7. Closer look on the squeezing of the chye sim.

8. Pure Chye Sim chlorophyll

9. Test the chlorophyll with ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), -025 m/V after 5 min.

10. Last reading, -33 m/V

The purpose of the above test is to find how good is Generation Green vegetables. And how this quality vegetables which is grow under the management of Generation Green has benefited myself, my family and many of our friends and customers who believe in our brand.
The above reading shown negative charge ion, it is has the ability to hydrate our cell and keep our body immunity strong by neutralizing positive charge ion (free radical). Thus consuming antioxidant food (vegetables and fruits - living food) does help to keep our body healthy.
How it work?
O2 + Hydrogen molecule (alkaline food + plant mineral ) = H2O.
I will continue to test various type of vegetables with difference method of growing process to ascertain my curiosity.
I believe the finding will be interesting.

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