Thursday, February 13, 2014

What we can do? - Urban Farming Production

Monthly types of production produce by Generation Green

We would like to rent/ collaborate with industry player to produce food at the rooftop/ carpark.

We have our own network of market and have establish ourselves with good records of reputation of good quality vegetables supply to consumers.

We are capable to produce large scale production with farming experience working with different terrain or landscape.

Basic requirement for roof top farming is:

1. Loading/ unloading
2. Water Point
3. Accessibility.
4. Basic infrastructure to support the additional working on the roof top.

We have no issue to plant on the concrete/ modular/ or on the soil if the requirement permit.

Please contact Generation Green (Derrick) for further clarification.

The attached are the photos which we have been produce and prepare for last festive season (Chinese New Year)

Kai Lan
Lettuce and Kai Lan
Raddish (Red & White) 
Kai Lan
New Variety - Red Lettuce
Xiao Bai Chye
Coral Lettuce 
Row of Lettuce
Production of Chye Sim
Row of Kai Lan grow on concrete flooring
Red Raddish awaiting to be harvest
White Raddish
Chye Sim
We are a team who can design to do aqua-farming system created by Generation Green

We are waiting for you. Call me for enquiry.
Generation Green

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