Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spartan Warriors - 300

What we believe - Sustainable Environmentally Business Approach
In the eye of Generation Green, we live with pride to grow our fruits and vegetables naturally. We grow from strength to strength with service require by our community and we exist because our community believe in Generation Green. We, the hawker-urban farmers give up our profession and start doing green to sustain and protect our environment in exchange for food for our community. We believe in quality and will stick very closely to our heart, mind and soul in continue to gr...ow quality and natural food.

Although our scale of production is small, it does not mean we cannot contribute our service to our nation. You are also once a small operator back in the sixties or seventies and grow your team till today. I know you are rich or mighty that does not mean I must follow your command at your disposal. We do not and will not buy in.

I am disappointed at how you trying to convinced me to give up Generation Green and trying to persuade me to work for other instead of helping us as a mentor or as an industry leader how to proceed and grow Generation Green stronger. You indeed provided me an insight of how I should position my game plan.

Generation Green WILL exist as long as the community still require our service
Generation Green

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